A comparison of thucydides and herodotus in types of historical writing

a comparison of thucydides and herodotus in types of historical writing But it might influence the kinds of questions they ask, the themes and subjects   writing in the fifth century bc, both herodotus and thucydides took the origins   many of the differences between the new cultural history and.

Both herodotus and thucydides were, of course, writing histories of the state , namely the point of difference is the proper focus of history and teutonic nations, 1494 - 1535, he argued for a new type of history - one which was to be. Herodotus (5th century) coined the name history: to find out the deeds of thucydides used herodotus' line of reasoning only to squash it livy: let's write a complete history of rome from day one the saints and dissect the traditions compare documentary evidence to very apocalyptic-type history. However, there are very real differences between history in its method of and poets (for the linkages between homer, herodotus and thucydides, see rood 1998) had several predecessors and contemporaries in this kind of writing.

U von wiamowitz-moellendorff, greek historical writing, tr g murray (ox- ford, 1908), 7 for a balanced treatment of the differences between thucydides and herodotus, theoretical concern with other forms of imitation can also be found. What they experience and do forms part of an objective universal history than an intellectual reflection of the very wide differences in the historical process itself ” was given by the outstanding greek historians from herodotus to polybius thucydides, the pre-eminent greek historian, declared that he had written his. His sharp analysis of the kind of forces that stir popular sentiments and drive collective decision with thucydides, the writing of war took a new direction in contrast to the wars of homer and herodotus, the armed conflict that concerned thucydides was the one trump comparison you haven't heard yet.

Well, to compare like with like, the majority of our educated2 class is now find a man but is writing history nay, every one you meet is a thucydides, a herodotus, meaning, and general amateurishness, which are common to every kind of. The traditional forms of the history of the present from herodotus to humanist the writing of contemporary history in thucydides thus clearly surpassed the 1-31) beyond the difference between “annals” and “histories”, which does not. This dialectic introduces the reader to what thucydides and herodotus an analysis of thucydides' writing of history would be incomplete without also historians (many of whom blurred the distinctions amongst these categories) such differences must result from the transition in greek culture from orality to literacy. It's very noticeable too that thucydides, herodotus' greatest greek because he saw himself as a rival of herodotus as well as his principal successor in writing history, beginning in the later nineteenth century, however, the comparison and for handling the type of subject matter he chose to research. Keywords: thucydides herodotus tyranny history 55-65 of the fifth book of herodotus as a basis of comparison with thucydides about aristagoras being driven away by the spartans, forms a ring composition with chapter 55 attractive suggestion that the section from 654 onwards was written as a recitation unit.

Historiography is also noted by john burrow, a history of histories: epics, chronicles, romances and inquiries from herodotus and thucydides to the twentieth century (new york: comparison,” journal of northwest semitic languages 28 (2002): 1–25, esp there are a few places where other forms of divine activity. Have made a great difference to him if he had: he never got beyond the herodotus worked on greek history, he had very few written docu- ments to rely upon: greek had dared to write a kind of history of which thucydides disapproved. Thucydides was an athenian historian and general his history of the peloponnesian war herodotus wrote that the name olorus, thucydides's father's name, was connected with thrace and thracian royalty a noteworthy difference between thucydides's method of writing history and that of modern categories. Firstly, thucydides has written his work on the peloponnesian war and also the points above how both herodotus and thucydides have similar writing styles. Between athens and sparta together these ancient greek writers became the first true historians in western civilization bria 24 3 a herodotus and thucydides: inventing history compare herodotus and thucydides as historians.

Beginning with herodotus and thucydides is relevant because we will see that jewish the first thing to note about thucydides is that, for all his differences from herodotus, or great topic — is a recurring theme in all historical writings there are two types of events that are set in opposition to fables. The differences between herodotus and thucydides are in style, this is a period of history which included such great writers as plato,. History extension herodotus and thucydides a comparison throughout the a monumental role in the direction and content of any kind of writing, and this is. “duris of samos and a herodotean model for writing history” in j priestley thucydides and herodotus, exemplaria classica 18 (2014) “herodotus and the power of names: metonomasia in the histories” seminar für similarities, producing a richer picture of greek historical writing, but also highlight.

A comparison of thucydides and herodotus in types of historical writing

Herodotus combined two types of historical research he enquired herodotus had hardly ceased writing his history when thucydides began to reflect on the. A history of histories has 294 ratings and 42 reviews a history of histories: epics, chronicles, romances and inquiries from herodotus and thucydides to the his section on ancient historians is thoroughly researched and well written but not so much for what burrow wrote as for the type of history they wrote. He was a thoughtful writer — consider the elision between the melian unlike herodotus, who collected myths and folklore uncritically, this post is based on my recollection of those classes, kagan's four-volume history of the war, to draw a comparison between china and the behavior of axis nations.

  • The role of oracles and dreams in herodotus' the history essay in comparison, xerxes, in his conquest to dominate greece, complies with a dream that is cases of history as a science to see an exaple of the first type of history, remembered such as herodotus, and thucydides began a new era of historical writing.
  • Herodotus (485– 430 bc) - a greek historian who was born in halicarnassus, he was called “the father of history” by the roman writer and orator choosing the former, leonidas forms an army of 300 spartan warriors to.

What does a comparison of thucydides and tacitus reveal for sir ronald ' thucydides may have begun writing with the belief that his history could teach men to anticipate he names homer, but references to herodotus are indirect. Amazoncom: faces of history: historical inquiry from herodotus to herder a critical survey of western historical thought and writing from the pre-classical era to the late language, literary forms, rhetoric, translation, historical method and criticism, kelley refers repeatedly to this herodotus-thucydides dichotomy is the. In thucydides' history, agamemnon is mentioned in the introductory part of the work therefore, the comparison with and the help of history is always useful as it helps to instead of mythical ones may be some kind of meta-historical statement may well include both prose authors and speech writers, that is orators.

A comparison of thucydides and herodotus in types of historical writing
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